BC - Burnaby Mountain Pipeline May be Directionally Bored

The $5.4 Billion Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion project will increase capacity of the aging Alberta to British Columbia pipeline from 300,000 to 890,000 barrels per day to accommodate more diluted bitumen from the Alberta tar sands so it can be loaded onto ships and exported. 

The pipeline first entered service in 1953 and has been expanded several times already.  The new expansion will include approx. 994 km of new pipeline, reactivation of 193 km of pipeline, 12 new pump stations, 20 new tanks and expansion of the Westridge Marine Terminal in Burnaby.

The project is fiercely opposed by most Canadians because it would enable the further expansion of the Alberta tar sands, which is by far the worst environmental disaster on Earth. Not only is tar sands bitumen the dirtiest petroleum in terms of carbon dioxide emissions, the extraction of it is contaminating thousands of square kilometers with cancer causing chemicals that is decimating wild-life and causing wide-spread illness and death among humans.

The tar sands industry has corrupted Canada's federal government and many at the provincial and local level. The industry receives unconditional government support and billions in subsidies.

Many Canadians have vowed to block the pipeline's construction with all means necessary.

Contractors and suppliers interested in trying to pre-qualify for some of the work should complete the form on Kinder Morgan's web site at: https://csi.kindermorgan.com/csi/