Lawsuit Over KC Cross-Bore Gas Explosion Underway

In February 2015 a restaurant in Kansas City exploded due to a ruptured gas line. The explosion killed one restaurant employee and injured 15 others. 

Time Warner Cable hired Heartland Midwest LLC, an excavating contractor based in Olathe, Kansas to install fiber optic duct in the area by directional boring (horizontal directional drilling, HDD). During the boring operations a gas line was cut. 

The restaurant owners are suing the Time Warner and the contractor for $9.3 million in damages and this lawsuit recently got underway.

The gas line location had been identified by USIC Locating Services and the locating is being blamed as being inaccurate. It has not been revealed if Heartland Midwest pot-holed the gas line to confirm its location.

Missouri Gas Energy is also being faulted for being late to respond.

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